Extend the life of your networking hardware

Save yourself from unnecessary forced upgrades,
and save money at the same time
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Buying and selling your used / refurbished Cisco networking hardware with Network Brokers International is one simple way to help extend the life cycle of used IT parts. We strongly believe in the reuses and refurbishment of all networking hardware. Extending its lifecycle beyond the manufacture's warranties and EOL guidelines. Not only does it save you from unnecessary forced upgrades on hardware that already works - it also saves you money.

How it works

Big IT brands such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Avaya, Aruba, Arista and Brocade you buy don't want you buying used "end of life" out of channel hardware as that's not their business model. That's where we pick up the pieces and give the hardware new life!

Gone are the days of only buying "new" for peace of mind. The second hand IT hardware market is global and extremely undervalued making it more reliable and valuable than ever before - with faster lead times, better product knowledge and true stock inventories.

Resellers are paving the way for a more sustainable
and less wasteful future

Buying Refurbished items minimize e-waste and its associated environmental impact. Refurbished IT equipment are less damaging to the environment since they promote a circular economy. Not buying new hardware all the time helps reduce the carbon footprint. The more we can reuse the better we are doing to reduce and improve the ever-growing e-waste problem.

million tons of
electronic waste
was generated worldwide in 2021
More than
went to land fill
and the remaining was recycled with
only a faction being refurbished to be
It's estimated by
110 million tons
will be dumped
annually, globally.

Network Brokers International believe we can all do our part to help improve and reduce our buying trends by simply investing in quality refurbished hardware. We sit firmly between EOL and the e-waste systems. What can be used is refurbished, sold, and supported until it is truly time to recycle. What cannot be used is recycled responsibly though verified recyclers. Where the valuable materials are salvaged and made into other products.