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Capital Budget Constraints

Budget constraints for technology needs always seem to be stretched. Therefore, purchasing equipment isn't necessarily the most economical way to satisfy operational needs. Renting state-of-the-art routers, switches, servers, Cisco racks and other IT equipment allows you to harness the most cutting-edge equipment at all times. In doing this, you also gain tax benefits by using operating budgets for temporary projects rather than dealing with the costs of capital expenses, purchases and dispositions.

Workforce Transitions (Employee Movement)

Mobile and makeshift workforces and work environments are increasingly putting stress on IS departments and draining already scarce resources in trying to help employees remain productive. Whether accommodating short-term hardware needs, temporary employees, new hires or travelling staff members we can quickly supply the correct hardware and associated technology and services to keep your people optimally functional.

Volume Requirements

From one unit to thousands of units, our infrastructure can easily supply your varying volume requirements. See our available Products page to view the numerous manufacturer and distributor affiliations we maintain and have built long-standing relationships with, thereby passing the benefits to you..

Complex Network Configurations

Supplying the configurations you require for corporate rental equipment is our specialty. Our configuration lab is fully equipped for quality setup and testing. We also employ qualified IT professionals and certified Technicians and Engineers to evaluate and configure your desired equipment based on industry requirements, manufacturer recommendations and first-hand experience with hardware, software and operating systems. We can configure your rental equipment exactly the way you want it, regardless of volume, location or time frame constraints.

Technical Support (24x7)

We know your technical support needs are both critical and urgent. For this reason your requirements dictate which of our flexible options you use, including 24x7 easy access support for all types of locations such as industrial complexes and offices. We also work well with management, unions and other regulated facilities to provide either comprehensive or supplemental support necessary for you to remain competitive and look professional.

At Network Brokers we can offer a cost-effective and flexible renting arrangement to suit your networking needs. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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